The renovated apartment is located in Mexico City, within a residential complex. Because of its location, on the top floor of a 10-story building we were able to modify the layout, exposing the structure of the space and creating a terrace with an amazing view of the city.


The ground floor houses the public areas, such as the living and dining room, the study, and an open terrace, as well as service areas, whereas the private areas are located in the top floor. In the most public area of the house, the living room, there is a double height, creating a visual link between public and private space. The apartment also succeeds in creating a continuous space, which is achieved through a stone wall that divides public from private areas. 

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Type: Interior design

Materials: Wood, steel, stone

Team: Isaac Michan Daniel, Salomin Ison, Eduardo Lorenzana

Status: Completed

Year: 2011- 2012

Photography: Rafael Gamo