Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Type: Commission, Residential

Materials: Steel, stone

Team: Isaac Michan Daniel, Narcisso Martínez

Status: Completed

Year: 2015

Photography: Rafael Gamo, Michan Architecture



This proposal for the expansion of a house in the West of Mexico City explores the relationship between the existing house and the insertion of specific objects. The new elements do not imitate or replicate the current state of the house, but neither do they propose shapes that are foreign to it. New alternatives are sought through the adaptation and autonomy of the pergola and gardening to the house in its current state, as opposed to heavy intervention projects in existing areas. The intervention adapts with the house as an air mask with to a face, which fits perfectly to the proportionsof the body but at the same time maintains its own autonomy. Through these small interventions it is suggested to speculate on the current design of the house and puts in doubt the time in which the house was built and whether the pergola was adapted to the house or house to the pergola.