In collaboration with KOTU STUDIO.


Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Type: Pavilion, Competition

Structure: Wood, Mirror 

Team: Isaac Michan Daniel, Erdem Tuzun, Yelta Kom

Status: Conceptual Design

Year: 2012


“It would be a mistake to think that the painter works on a white and virgin surface. The entire surface is already invested virtually with all kinds of clichés, which the painter will have to break with”. —Gilles Deleuze, The Logic of Sensation. 


The project operates between the different fields of forces that already exist on the site and rather than resisting them they are used as design tools to integrate the surroundings into the pavilion. By taking advantage of the site’s given conditions we are creating a living collage which operates and is conceived as both a fixed object and an open-ended condition. Because of the duality between these opposite ideas we were able to generate consistency and contradiction, specificity and randomness, fixed views and flexible frames, all at the same time. The project proposes a pavilion which is in a constant evolution, not because it changes but because of its visual and programmatic potential.


Rather than conceiving it with some sort of symbolic representation of the surrounding context, we want to leave its meaning open, commemorating public space throughout its use and interaction with people; presenting it through a democratic space, allowing users to give its own understanding and meaning. The project gives a different perspective of its environment. As the pavilion is built with mirrored panels the landscape of the project is not only the area in which the pavilion sits, but also its neighbors: from the back façade and garden of Luis Barragán’s Casa Estudio to Avenida Constituyentes. We will create a surreal space where places that are not easily perceived together can meet. The placement of the mirror planes responds to certain contextual conditions such as views, program, and flow patterns, as well as to some degree of randomness that will provoke unpredicted experiences and views, ones that we cannot even imagine. The engagement of the visitor with the pavilion will set the final touch to the design process.