The project is located in a site with existing foundations inside a residential complex. With that in mind our footprint and envelope were already given by the client. Sports complex typologies usually are horizontal buildings due to the weight of the structure. Our building breaks this typology and speculates on the stacking of regular slabs.


It explores the possibility of creating a continuous landscape on a Cartesian grid, generating a loop that connects the existing park of the residential complex (located on the roof) to the natural landscape (at ground level).


To produce this continuous landscape a new program, the intensity track, emerges. This program wraps around the building and generates a visual connection between each sport. Within the intensity track and the various fields (such as those for soccer, tennis, and basketball) ruled surfaces are embedded to connect the split levels and produce a flexible program for gatherings and casual sports. These ruled surfaces create a tension between the generic grid and the ramps, producing a very unique building that deals with the economic contingencies and the programmatic functions requested by the client.


Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Type: Comission, Sports complex

Structure: Concrete

Team: Isaac Michan Daniel, Isidoro Michan Guindi

Status: Conceptual design

Year: 2014