Hiya is a new two-room robata & wine bar located in the back of Yoru, a popular handroll and sushi bar, in Mexico City’s La Roma district. A 40 sqm/ 430.556 square-foot space, guests walk through a small hallway with a low, brick ceiling before entering the weird yet cozy atmosphere with a traditional Japanese vibe infused with a futuristic Mexican aesthetic. Designed by Michan Architecture’s interiors team, the space is defined by the locally-sourced wild tamarind wood, beige stucco and fair face concrete. Programmed to be flexible and dynamic, calm and invigorating, with just 30 seats total, the first room has an open kitchen with the robata and 6 bar seats that can be utilized as a DJ booth for parties. Walking through a Mayan arch framed, the second room serves as a 24-seat dining room comprising shared wooden banquettes along the walls and jutting into the center of the room with comfortable, bulky cylindrical chairs opposite. on the opposite sides. Both are covered with a yellow textile whereas the walls with a beige one. When not used as a restaurant, the space is easily transformed to host private parties and events with the kitchen counter serving as a DJ booth and dining room as a dance floor.

As the night changes, lights embedded in the textile walls changecolor to create a constant shift in sensation and atmosphere to match the mood with classic Noguchi lamps offering a steady glow from above.

Location: Colonia Roma, Mexico City
Type: Commercial, Restaurant   
Materials: Wood, Textile, Concrete
Size: 40 sqm / 430.556 sqf
Status:Built, 2024; Started 2023
Team: Fernando Gomez, Rodrigo Malo, Pilar Colado, Alexandra Bové, Isaac Michan Daniel
Collaborator: Isaac Salame
Photos: Arturo Arrieta, Vero Sojo