In Collaboration with Colectivo Seis, Kababie Arquitectos, Taller Paralelo 

A box on the outside.
When entering the space, the box has a completely different logic and becomes a subtraction of an inverted vault.

A concavity is presented within a continuous surface without roof.
An oasis within the chaotic historic city center.

The pavilion ( ) was design as a mute space on the outside but with an intriguing contradiction on its inside.

The project is part of MEXTRÓPOLI 2018, the largest architecture forum in Latin America where there are pavilions, workshops and lectures. The pavilion was located the Alameda Central, in the Historic Center of Mexico City and had a short life of four days.

Location: Mexico City
Structure: Masonry brick with steel reinforcement
Type: Temporary Pavilion
Team: Colectivo Seis, Kababie Arquitectos, Taller Paralelo
Status: Built
Size: 36 sqm
Year: 2018   
Photos: Jaime Navarro