ODP is a residential complex located in the south west area of Mexico City, in a plot with an L shape and natural slope, whose inclination allows to build above and below the street level.
Due to the plot geometry, the scheme is conformed of two perpendicular elongated towers forming an L and managing to locate the units with optimal orientations and views, creating a central garden between the buildings.

The development has 64 units with different typologies; one, two and three bedrooms, and several shared amenities such as gardens, gym, multipurpose room, swimming pool and a natural terrain at the back of the plot.

The building is structured on the basis of partition walls with rigid frames and reinforced concrete walls. On the corridor of the tower that faces the street there is an exposed concrete façade with vanishing apertures that appears as concrete scratches, and contrast with the white interiors¨. The rest of the facades are cladded with vertical travertine stripes through diverse widths, producing a constant play of light and shadow.

Location: Mexico City
Structure: Fair-faced reinforced concrete with brick walls
Type: Housing  
Team: Isaac Michan Daniel, Narciso Martinez, Arturo Lezama, Omar  Acevedo, Denise Peralta, Daniela Ruiz , Ciria Garcia
Status: Built
Size: 12,000 sqm
Year: 2018   
Photos: Rafael Gamo, Vicente Muñoz, M.A