Located in front of the iconic Parroquia de la Santa Cruz del Pedregal by designed by Antonio Attolini Lack on the corner between Boulevard de la Luz and Av. de las Fuentes at Jardines del Pedregal, OKU opened its second restaurant in Mexico City.
The interior layout takes advantage of the hight and elongates proportions of the space. Kitchen and services are situated in the back area, leaving the rest of the open space for dining and bar. 

The bar and sushi bar works as the storefront of the long space. On its upper part, a mezzanine is created with tables and a corridor at the back. This mezzanine generates individual tables that are hanged from the the existing structure, proposing a unique dinning experience. the structure is composed of light steel members that are welded into the existing steel structure of the building.
Cylindrical lighting elements are hanged form the ceiling, merging the electric cables with the structural elements of the mezzanine.
On the upper dining area the drop ceiling is interrupted, leaving exposed the steel structure to have more height, generating a sensation of cutting and pasting the ceiling into the tables.
The cladding material are a combination of pine wood, gfrc concrete panels and pigmented stucco, producing a light and open atmosphere that plays with polished and raw finishes.

Location: Mexico City
Structure: Steel
Type: Commercial  
Team: Narciso Martinez, Isaac Michan Daniel,
Status: Built
Size: 120 sqm
Year: 2020