The urban footprint of the former Cuernavaca Railway is a path that crosses eight neighborhoods and constitutes a lone axis alternate to the road fabric, which has a great potential to knit together the neighborhoods in the area. This way, the linear park becomes an opportunity to reactivate the public space, and to become in this way an agent for social change.
This proposal approaches this axis from different fronts, beginning from an analysis of its connectivity to the main urban roads and the public transportation system, and finishing with the design of a park rich in elements that give the landscape a new aesthetic and functionality. The first attribute necessary to make this park truly linear is to fix the fragmentation caused by the intersections of large roads and for the plots that invade the axis. Specific demolitions (always of plots in a bad state) allow to widen the space in those fragile points and to reinforce their continuity. The intersections with the most important roads are respected, but there is an attempt to reduce those that occur with less important roads in order to make the park the friendliest possibleto pedestrians and cyclists. Once the connectivity and continuity between the different stretches of the linear park is reinforced, an urban program is proposed.

It maintains an aesthetic and functional cohesion, even as it varies through the length of the proposed park. This program includes visible infrastructure, where water piping is used for a multitude of uses, from carrying water to shaping benches and bicycle parking. It also features new pavements for a better continuity and more easily understood uses, and seemingly isolated objects that provide a series of additional uses to this linear park, with the topic of water as a recurring theme, integrating it to a public and cultural program.

Location: Mexico City
Type: Competition, Linear  Park
Structure: Multiple
Team: Isaac Michan Daniel, Alexandra Bové, Narciso Martinez, Omar Acevedo Juan Alan Gonzales
Status: Concept
Year: 2016