MX99 is the adaptive reuse of a 1970s building facing the Parque Mexico, a large urban park located in Colonia Hipódromo in the Condesa area of Mexico City. It is recognized by its Art Deco architecture and decor as well as being one of the larger green areas in the city. The project consists of 65 studio apartments and the lobby and two restaurants on the ground floor. With a contemporary design, the original structure is preserved and restructured while the overall design completely reconfigures the interior and apartment layouts to accommodate current needs. 

Each floor has an internal corridor with units overlooking the park and units on back having views of an internal courtyard. Inside each unit, bathrooms are in the back, opening the rest of the space to the view to the park with a flexible open space for sleeping, living room, dining with and cooking.

On the exterior, Michan Architecture’s designs add a continuous balconies that offset and follow the building’s curve facing the park. It also reduces the dimension of the preexisting concrete beam facing the façade by stepping the slab, creating an inverted stair result. The balcony is also intersected with the new reinforcement of the columns located at the same axis, producing an effect of a solid mass excavated in the internal living spaces.

Av México 99, Condesa, Mexico City
Adaptive Re-Use, 65 Studio Apartments (7 stories), no parking
Fair-faced reinforced concrete
Built 2024, Started 2021; Groundbreaking 2022
4,586 sqm/ 49,363.29 sqft
Fernando Gomez, Pilar Colado, Rodrigo Malo, Benjamin Caballero, Alexandra Bové, Isaac Michan Daniel
Arturo Arrieta